1 Died and 5 others infected by Mold which forces Seattle to shut down its operating rooms

One patient died and 5 others have been infected by the dangerous mold at the Seattle Children’s Hospital. This has led to shutting down of 14 main operating rooms of the hospital. The mold is identified to be that of Aspergillus.

Aspergillus fungus causes Aspergillosis. This fungus is found everywhere and anywhere  in the surrounding, but, not all are prone to the infections caused by it. The fungus infects mainly the people with respiratory disorders, lung diseases and very weak immune system.

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The hospital officials say that the operating rooms were on and off affected by the mold for like a year or so because of the deficiencies in the handling and purification system of the operating systems. The issue at this reputed organization seems to be much serious than that disclosed by the hospital.

Alyse Bernal, the public relations manager emailed, “Three patients were infected in last year and three in this year”. Bernal expressed his grief on death of one of the children who was infected. Bernal also added, “The six patients who developed Aspergillus infections were at higher risk of infections due to the type procedures they had.”

Bernal further added, “Seattle Children’s is committed to maintaining a safe environment for our patients, and we will reopen our operating rooms when we are confident they are safe for patient care. We are very sorry for the impact the air quality issue in our operating rooms has had on our patients and families, and we are taking this situation very seriously.”

Children’s Hospital has already received a letter from The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) saying that the hospital is out of compliance. The report attached to the letter highlights number of issues one of them being, “air handlers serving the operating rooms”. CMS will cancel the agreement with Children’s Medicare on September 2019.

Many surgeries have been postponed and many of them have been delegated to other Medical Centers or other campuses of Seattle.

Also, Seattle has provided contact details in case any of the patients and families has any questions. They are ass below:

Patients and Family Relations team- 206-987-2550, Monday to Friday, from 8.30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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