30,000 Followers Make You An Internet Celebrity Says Uk Ad Regulator

After an issue regarding the criteria of being an internet celebrity came into light, the UK Advertising Standard Authority aka ASA declared that any blogger or influencer with 30,000 or more followers will be considered a social media celebrity. And they will have to follow the guidelines created for all the other celebrities and should not do the things that the public persona is not allowed to do.

A recent issue has been reported where a British Instagram influencer advertising some sleeping drugs on his official account. His account has 32,000 followers so the UK Ads Regulator took the sponsored post down saying that any social media celebrity is not allowed to indulge himself or herself into any activity that advertises or promotes drugs and medicines.

The Sponsored company, Sanofi was promoting their antihistamine sleep aid drug called Phenergan Night Time Tablets through the particular Instagram influencer who hails from the UK. But after the Advertising Standard Authority of the country blocked the post, Sanofi disagreed with their decision saying that the Influencer doing the marketing should not be called an internet celebrity because he has very followers in comparison to other celebs who have millions of following.

The company also presented some examples of celebrities like David Beckham, even Stephen Fry. According to Sanofi, they are the ones who should be called a ‘celeb’. But the UK authority said that any person who has 30,000 or more followers on his profile will be called an internet celebrity and they should distance themselves from doing any activities that are not allowed for the celebrities.