4th Of July Celebration Of Donald Trump To Honor The Independence Day

The United States celebrated its Independence day today and there couldn’t be a more patriotic day for America than 4th Of July. It is celebrated with a speech of the President, parade of armored vehicles, fireworks and what not. This year was no different, every citizen of the United States of America was filled with a feeling of patriotism and remembered all the great heroes from the history of the nation who had a great contribution in giving the country the kind of stand that it has now in the world.

The celebration of 4th Of July, 2019 started from the speech of the current president of the country Donald Trump. He, in his speech, honored all the military forces serving the country. He mentioned the Army, Navy, AirForce, Coast Guard, Marines and he also hinted about the addition of the Space Force in the US military.

Photo Source: USA Today

The 45-minute speech of Donald Trump was held at the National Mall. He stood behind the bulletproof glass and the speech was accompanied by the flyovers. He called the USA “the most exceptional nation in the history of the world”.  He also stated in his speech that the country is more powerful than it was ever before.

Apart from this, the President of the nation also made some historical remarks where he remembered the people who have a great contribution in making the USA a powerful country. From Abraham Lincon to Alexandar Graham Bell, and Clara Barton, he honored them all. He also mentioned George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, the Wright Brothers, Thomas Edison, etc.


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