5 Best Teddy Bear Gift Ideas #Valentine’s Special

There are but, a few things in the world that melt the human heart, regardless of their age. What about giving your someone special a special accompaniment- a cute and cuddly teddy bears. While the Teddy Bear day is one isolated event, it doesn’t hurt to show your significant other that you care.
The celebration countdown has already begun and the pressure to prove your love is immense. Worry not, good readers of New Day Live, we’ve got your back.

Here is the list of the best Teddy Bear Gifts. Ever.

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1. Bears for Humanity Teddy Bear

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The Bears for Humanity is a foundation that tries to help kids in need from all across the globe. If you’re still in doubt, Chicks dig generous men and what is better than buying two teddies for the price of one, of which, one bear is donated to a child or organization that needs it. What is more that these teddies are made of adorably soft bears are made from organic fiber, recycled polyfill and are naturally antibacterial. Somebody say win-win?

2. Vermont Teddy Bear

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Vermont Teddy Bears are a fun gift idea, not just for kids but for adults too! Especially those celebrating a special event like a birthday, anniversary, or in this case Valentine’s day. Made in the United States, Vermont Teddy bears are manufactured with love and care, by hand, in a factory in, you guessed it- Vermont. The most fun part about these bears is that they can be personalized by size, fur color. You can choose special clothing for the mushies as well as themed bears.

3. Steiff Classic Teddy Bear

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Are you one of the people, who are not good with dates and had forgotten it’s Teddy Day? Making a gift on your own is out of option and buying a gift at the last moment is not always be feasible. Don’t worry, we have got you covered in this area as well. Made by hand in Germany, this teddy bear is expensive and for a good reason too. The blond beauty is made of genuine mohair from Steiff after all.  And can best be chosen as a special gift for a serious teddy bear collector.

4. 6 Foot Giant Teddy Bear

What can be better than a fluffy, soft teddy bear toy to hold on to, as you drift off? This Teddy Day, surprise your special someone with a big jumbo teddy to snuggle with at night. While all sizes of teddies can be bought online in varies colors, how awesome would it be to receive a 6 foot, life-size teddy bear? Your loved one will love snuggling up with this special teddy bear especially when you aren’t around.

5. Care Bears

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Care Bear teddy bears have been around for generations- hopefully as long as love lasts- and they still continue to charm everyone. Each Care Bear has an embroidered symbol on their tummy to show their unique caring mission.

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