5 Big Breakthroughs to Anticipate in 3D Printing

Technologies are growing exponentially and colliding with each other which reinvent products, industries, and services. In this article, we will dive into 3D printing.

3D printing is a process that translates special digital files into 3D objects by binding different layers of material. This process is sometimes called augmented or additive manufacturing. These special printers release melted material in a meticulous orientation that can be used to produce amazing and complex structures ranging from beautiful jewelry to multi-story building designs.

Nowadays the 3-dimensional printers are very advanced having the following qualities:

  1. 100x faster: Recently, groundbreaking stereolithography techniques have successfully produced complex shapes with 100 times faster speed than traditional 3-dimensional printers. The application of several light wavelengths is used to selectively strengthen the resin and take a continuous print. Therefore, photoreactive liquid resin is replacing the ordinary layering method. So you can say goodbye to the usual incremental layering!
  2. 250 materials: Old printers used to rely mostly on plastic. However, current printers are capable to produce a full-color object in more than 250 different materials. The material includes plastics, metals, rubber, and glass. Furthermore, they can use leather, ceramics, stem cells and chocolate as well.
  • 90% material-efficient: Current additive machines are rapid and produce an object with high-resolution. Furthermore, these poses brilliant second-order implications. Old machines used to produce an excessive amount of waste material but these modern printers have decimated environmental and economic costs. Moreover, these recent printing has eliminated terrific amounts of waste. So the most amazing point of modern printers is that these have reduced the requirements of raw materials up to 90%.

Different modifications in the printers have further unlocked the opportunities for democratized production, mass customization, and systematic perfection. You can easily notice the major breakthrough in this augmented manufacturing that is dramatically increasing and producing the best convergent applications.

The next top 5 printing breakthroughs (2019-2024)

Here are the top 5 biggest breakthroughs in the 3-dimensional printing words in the upcoming 5 years:

  1. 3D printing speeds are slated to increase by 50 to 100x

There are few rates that have been fixed or limited typically that cannot be further altered.

  • The maximum applicable force of a print head.
  • How fast can be the movement of the print head?
  • How quick a printer can melt the material for inducing?

MIT Laboratory has created a printer recently that is 3 times faster than a $100k in the industrial-scale system and 10 times faster common 3D printer models. After achieving this huge speed, the MIT team produced a helical bevel gear just in 10 minutes. Furthermore, they produced a pair of eyeglass in a mere 3.6 minutes. It will revolutionize every industry ranging from retail to manufacturing.

  1. Affordable, Sustainable, 3D printed neighborhoods are launching

Modern printers that are under development will be cheaper, friendly toward the environment, easy to use and consume less electricity. You can consider these printers as 3D printed homes. After the arrival of such printers, these will disrupt the real estate industries at monumental scales.

In Eindhoven- the Dutch city, 3D printed homes appeared for the first time due to the higher demand for bricklayers in last year. Due to the advancement of the printing technology, home 3D printers will be capable to incorporate infrastructure that includes drainage pipes, potentially smart sensors and even rendering a completely integrated living experience. You will be amazed to know that more recently, a startup known as NewStory can build up to 100 homes just in 8 months in $6,000 each.

  1. Delicious and convincing 3D printed burgers and steaks

It is an astounding fact regarding 3D food printers that these will provide an extremely sustainable solution to feed the world and resolve the issue of food which is growing with the growth of population. How 3D printers will manage this? Amazing! 3D printed meat that will be produced by the plant-based proteins will be used to overcome the food problems.

Livestock produces greenhouse gas ranging from 14.5 to 18% globally. 3D printed meat can give exact satisfaction without affecting the environment. The meat will not have any harmful effects. In the next couple of years, the texture of the meat will be improved and the cost will become lower. Different Israeli companies such as Chef-it and NovaMeat has already made a lot of progress in this field.

  1. Metal 3D printers will overtake plastics

Old 3-dimensional printers used to rely on the plastics only. However, modern printers are really advanced that can use different types of materials for product making such as glass and metals. Now, get ready for the rise of 3D printed kitchenware, prototypes, airplane, and car parts and even jewelry. The recent printers are capable to remove waste in manufacturing. Moreover, these can create different lightweight parts for aircraft construction.

This technology will dramatically increase and available even at the consumer level. This technology will provide more flexibility in designing and product making than traditional old 3D printers. Likewise, metals, biodegradable cellulose will also take over plastic in 3D printing in the future most probably. The mechanically robust and versatile material is the best example among numerous possibilities beyond plastics in 3D printing materials.

  1. “Hey” will be replaced

“Hey” is the most used term in the design engineering world. “Hey David, hurry up please, designed me an 8.5 sized new pair of shoes” is a common phrase will be ended in the upcoming five years most possibly. Modern 3D printers will have advanced natural language processing and design will be AI-powered. Moreover, customization will be allowed only for seamless design engineering. Therefore, it will not affect only one field such as fashion industry but also have at least a little bit impact on every industry.

You are now familiar with the greatest breakthroughs that are going to happen just in a couple of years. New printing materials will be continuously springing up and keep evolving the printing industries dramatically. So it is up to you how you will integrate 3-dimensional printing with your business. If you are looking for buying a 3d printer with good price just check out this shop Dibbsto.

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