5 Key Tips to Mastering Social Media Listening

The keys to social media listening are listening to your customers as well as your competitors. You need to discover insights about your target audience and what they’re saying about your brand, our competitors, and the industry in general. Your first step should be to listen to your customers and gathering insights along the way. The following five steps can help you unlock the power of social media.

1 – Get to Know Your Customers

Getting to know your customers is important because they’re the ones who are providing you money. Find out where your customers hang out on social media. Are they using Instagram? Or, do they prefer Facebook?

Don’t just go where they are. Notice how they use that social media channel before signing up. If you’re not on social media, then it’s time to put your brand out there. There’s no use in hiding from your customers.

2 – Follow Your Competitors

It’s just as important to get to know your competitors. Find out where your competitors are hanging out. Are they using Snapchat or Instagram? Are they more active on Facebook or Twitter?

Find out the type of content they share on this platform. Are they sharing more video content or images? What’s working and what’s not working? This form of listening can help you come up with ways to engage with your audience that sets you apart from your competitors.

3 – Set Aside Time to Learn Every Day

This doesn’t have to take up a huge aspect of your day. It could take 15 to 20 minutes of your time. Maybe you can break it up in five-minute chunks. This is a good time to learn about social media listening and to learn about your customers. Find out what they’re saying about your brand and your competitors.

While there are plenty of social media listening software programs on the market, most of them are difficult to use. However, they come with their own benefits and are effective in noticing trends and patterns. These online tools can also work in a pinch if a public relations crisis occurs. With so many online tools at your disposal, it’s just as important to learn about social media.

Take some time to scroll through your social media feed. Learn about the daily trending topics. Follow your fans and competitors. Connect with other brands that are relevant to your target audience, no matter what their industry is. Learning about social media can help you uncover its unique features.

4 – Change Your Tracking Efforts

Even some of the best marketers who learn every day don’t always include these findings into their social media tracking efforts. This doesn’t mean tracking the online conversations that include your brand. Treat each of your social media channels your main news source. If you use online tools that help you analyze information based on keywords, you want to make sure those keywords include your company’s name.

Once you experiment with social media listening, you’ll notice that this method is more engaging and qualitative than you originally assumed. You’ll also take notice of your competitive industry as you position yourself as an expert in your industry.

5 – Create a Checklist

You should also have a checklist for your social media listening efforts. It can help you determine how you should react to certain situations. You’ll want to create a checklist for common situations such as complaints, compliments, reviews, and other situations.

Social media listening is a muscle that needs work. It’s a method that never ends. Each of these tips can offer the insights that you’re looking for so you can improve your social media efforts.

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