6 pleasing and vibrant Instagram accounts to follow

1. Bo-@_missbo




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What color do you wear the most? 💚@fashionnova

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She is a Croatian model who gained fame through Instagram. Her feed is so pleasing to look at with all those pretty colorful outfits and stunning hourglass figure.

2. Lauren Conrad-@laurenconrad



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Took the day off and went to the zoo with this little dude 🦈🐆🦓🦍🐘🐅

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Her Instagram feed is so peaceful and elegant. Soft bright pastel hues with vintage vibes describe her style so much.

3. Millenialpink-@millenialpink



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perfect bby 👄

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If you are obsessed with pink color and want to spend time scrolling pink posts and have a moment of yours, then this Instagram is for you.

4. Sara Tasker-@me_and_orla



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Day 4: lets talk about SAFETY & SANITY on instagram. ————— 🎉 Instagram is supposed to be fun! You are allowed to enjoy it, even if you’re here for work. If your time in the app is bringing you down, it’s time to make some changes. . 🔍 If your Explore page is full of things you don’t want to see, spend some time selecting the inappropriate content, hit the three dots top right and tap “see fewer posts like this”. . ❌ Stop looking at accounts that make you feel bad! If you don’t want to unfollow but still need some space the new mute feature allows you to privately take control of what you’re seeing. Mute someone’s stories and/or their main feed, and their content will stop appearing in your time line and as a suggestion at the top of your search. Remember to go back in and review who you’ve muted from time to time – often what feels triggering now is completely fine six months down the line! . ⏲ Keep an eye out for the new “time spent on instagram” feature being added to the app, which will be helpful for anyone who feels they spend too long here! If you struggle to stop once you’ve started scrolling, set an alarm on your phone or, for some really tough love, download one of the apps available that turns of your WiFi at a specified time! . .🔇 Head to your profile settings and turn on comment controls to hide (most) abusive comments in both your post comments and Lives. You can block any additional keywords you’d like to screen using the ‘manual filter’ too ( eg “politics”, “🍆”, or anything else you don’t want to see!) It’s not censorship, it’s drawing boundaries & you are fully entitled to that 💪🏻. . .💌 Turn on two-step authentication in your bio as soon as you’re done with this post! It makes it much, much harder for anyone to hack your account by sending a code to your phone on any new log in attempt. If you have an email address in your bio, make sure it’s not the same one you registered your account under, too, as you’ll definitely get phishing emails that way. . {…continued in the comments!}

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Sara has done a great job in nailing her aesthetic Instagram account. Her account gives such an earthly, whimsical feel with blue hues.

4. Meg Loeks-@meg_nlo



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Us ❤️ Last night I had a nightmare that shook me to the core. I dreamt that she had a terminal illness. After Leo’s diagnosis it changed me… and even though we count our blessings and are grateful for every single day, I think I will always fear for my children in the back of my mind. Day by day we count our blessings. This image was inspired by my talented friend @ambertalbertphotography. Her rich tones and ability to capture emotion is so inspiring. #iginspirationfound . . . #lensbaby#seeinanewway#getin52#igmotherhood#clickpro#manuallens#selfportrait#jjitskids_moms #thefolkpr0ject#mode_emotive#allkindsofmagic#moodyports#everything_imaginable#portraitpage#ig_legit#royalsnappingartists#transfer_visions#cameramama#folkportraits#candidchildhood#folksouls#momtogs#shotwithlove_#our_everyday_moments#lookslikefilm#fansy_kids#inspired_by_colour#clickinmoms#shared_joy

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She is the mom of 4 children and her feed also revolves around her beautiful kids. There is something magical in her photos like something heavenly is going on.

5. Jen & Cort-@awhimseywonderland


Their account is all about popping and bright colors. Your eyes will be relaxed after seeing their feed. The vibrant theme of their Instagram is a feast to the eyes.

6. Chandler DeHart-@candidlychan



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Rum and a boat ride at 8 AM? How does one say ‘twist my arm’ in Spanish?✖️🙌🏼🌊

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She shares her fashion and street style. Her dark and moody theme makes it stand out among all other feed. There is distant evening beachy feel to the feed.

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