8 Creative Ways to Propose So That She Can’t Say No

Your grandchildren will be eager to hear your proposal story, so make it a bang. You don’t want a simple proposal; you want something to smile when you remember it and feel that moment. It will be like a perfect snapshot which makes you go back in time and do it all over again. Confessing your love is not easy when it is so deep, and everything seems so faded and incomplete to tell how deep is your love.

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But don’t worry, here are some creative ways to propose to your loved one:

Choose your favorite spot

Go to your favorite place; it may be places where you first met or some place of your significance. Bend down pretending to tie your shoe-laces and then you can propose.

Gift them a pet

If you know that your partner loves panda or cats or puppies. Gift them cute puppies and cats, and you can tie a ribbon on their neck with the card saying “Will you marry me?”

For book lovers, books are enough

For a person who loves to read books, you can gift them their favorite book or the set of books with the bookmark written: “Will you be mine for the rest of my life?”

Palm reading

OK, go to the beach, and after that go to a palm reader, and he will tell everything she deserves, how her life is going to be perfect, and now her big jigsaw puzzle is finally getting solved, only one piece is missing, at the right moment, you pull out your ring and propose.

Keep it personal

Suppose, your partner does not want attention, so keep it low, prepare her favorite meal even you suck at it, write poems even if you suck at it too, that will be so adorable and when she comes back home, welcome her with a ring?

Propose in bathtub

Why not propose her in the bathtub between all those bubbles and one of her most intimate moment. Make a romantic setting, scented candles, fragrance of flowers and surreal low music and reading her poems of Rumi, that will be the most romantic thing, I will ever encounter in my life. Keep your ring within your reach and grasp a perfect moment and propose.

Pinterest proposal

If she has a Pinterest board for her wedding, then it is a win-win because you can pull out all the things which she has pinned and I am sure, you will be married with rocket speed.

Try it on dress proposal

Take her to her favorite dress store, make her buy the prettiest dress and while she tries it on and then go on one knee and propose.

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