A Guide to Start a New Clothing Line Without Even Knowing How to Draw

Becoming a fashion designer is an art in itself. In fact, the career is specifically for those who possess a lot of creativity, talent, and passion. What if you possess all those techniques and things, but do not know how to draw? The tips here are specifically for those of you.

Keep Your Costs Low in the Initial Stages

In fact, starting a clothing line would be a value proposition, but we would advise you to invest low enough in the initial stages. Actually, it would be a good idea to start your career as a fashion designer while you are working with some firms. 

Get a few wholesalers and ensure that you get the clothes at an affordable price. Signing up with a few good fashion designers or garment stockists can be a good option. 

Create a Business Plan 

Of course, this will need a little brainstorming with your friends or anyone who has enough knowledge in the field. The business plan will also include planning for finances. Some of the elements worth the consideration can include start-up costs, legalities, creating a brand, marketing, and actual production. Staying safe from frauds is another important aspect.

Build a Brand

Building a brand around your clothing line would be much important. The brand would be the right way to establish your identity. Remember that branding is not only about your clothing. It has more to do with your audience. Make sure you are building a brand based on the potential customer base that you are targeting. 

Design Your Clothes 

Well, the next stage is to indulge in production. Of course, you have the manufacturers ready. But what about the design? You are a fashion designer by heart. But do you know how to draw those designs?
Nothing to worry there. There are several high-end options available that would help you create fashion design drawings even when you do not know how to draw. These professional services can be quite helpful in letting you arrive at the best possible designs right away. 

Digital Fashion Pro is one such excellent option. Digital Fashion Po is an apparel design software for designing clothing and drawing fashion sketches that has different packages. You can analyze the exact needs you may have and choose the package that exactly meets your requirements. It is one of the most powerful and popular fashion designer software options that have been used by several high-end fashion designers globally. The tool is much simpler to use and does not need you to have any kind of drawing skills. It can be the right option to start your clothing line even when you are not aware of how to draw. What’s more, you have free technical support if you get stuck somewhere.


The next step, once you have got your designs would be to opt for the right manufacturers. If you are just starting up, it may not be easy enough to find a reliable manufacturer. It will be a good option to check if you have somebody in your backyard itself. Well, what we mean by that is check if someone in your family can manufacture the clothes. If they can you are lucky! It may also be a good idea to check out if you can create your clothes yourself. The Internet can be your best friend in that venture. By the way, Digital Fashion Pro also comes with an option that provides a worldwide list of clothing manufactures that can make your clothes.

Marketing… marketing…marketing!

Marketing your brand and the clothes are what would help you succeed in your business. This is perhaps one of the difficult and intrinsic tasks in your venture. In fact, it should be a great idea to begin marketing your clothing brand well before you begin your production. Learn to create a buzz around your business and the brand. Focusing on the local market and keeping your profits slightly lower would be a good option during the initial stages of your business.
Well, there are tools that can assist you in achieving this task in an easier manner. Tools like Digital Fashion Pro we discussed above can also be helpful enough to have a complete business kit and a complete contact list of manufacturers. It can help you grow\ your business brand seamlessly without having to worry about how to handle the different aspects of the business. It offers you a complete solution right from designing your clothes to selling them.
Well, the tips here should be helpful enough for creating your clothing line. Was it helpful? Share your inputs.

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