A1 Joins Samsung and Nokia to Showcase 8k Video Streaming Using 5G

The future of the entertainment is going to have a bit of makeover, as recently, A1 Telekom, the leading mobile service provider of Austria has started to streamline 8K video through 5G network. The incident has happened first time in the history of Austria. In the European Forum Alpha Alpbach, 2019 demonstration took place.

It is a technical challenge for the present mobile network to convey huge resolution 8K content. For this, both, transmission speed and broadcast volume will increase abruptly.

A1, along with technological partner Samsung and Nokia will be providing such innovation using the 5g mobile technology. Established in 1881, A1 is providing service to almost 5.1 million mobile users and 2.1 million fixed-line users across Austria.

A1 accepts cryptocurrency as payment for its network service in some of the selected stores located across Austria. The company has joined with a payment service provider like Salamantex, Ingenico, and Concord, to design payment platform A1s.

In this 5g telecom network, a Hollywood blockbuster of 100 GB and 8K quality can be transmitted. 5g has expanded over a very less period and has led to the development of bandwidth exhaustive apps and real-time application.

Thomas Arnoldner, the CEO of A1 Austria group, has expressed his views on 5g technology by saying, it will be a foundation stone for the future development of mobile and internet technology. It will open the door for new possibilities for new services. The higher bandwidth and quicker response time will not only help drones, autonomous vehicles, and the internet of things for real-time communication but will also help private consumers for cloud gaming and virtual reality. It also helps in the supply of Gigabit-capable connection in rural areas.

Marcus Grausam, the chief of A1, has expressed his views on the challenges that they may face during data transmission. He said streaming of 8K videos would require maximum bandwidth. High definition videos need a high volume of data, and it will restrict the performance of the existing network. At the event, they have shown the things that are possible with 5g.

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