After Being Criticized For Sharing Data, Now Facebook Is Doing Privacy Investigation

Facebook faced a lot of fire for invading the privacy of its users and following this the social media networking company has decided to do some investigation. In the process, Facebook has decided to suspend tens of thousands of application for some damage control. The reason behind this remains the fact that developers of the applications need data for their work and that’s how Facebook was called out for sharing the data and invading the privacy.

In July 2019, a fine of $5bn was imposed against facebook by Federal Trade Commission for this very same reason. This was found out by Cambridge Analytica Scandal that the social networking site Facebook has been using the data from millions of profiles for use. Facebook received a lot of criticism as soon as the news came out.

“App developers remain a vital part of the Facebook ecosystem,” Facebook said. “They help to make our world more social and more engaging. But people need to know we’re protecting their privacy.”
Facebook has suspended tens of thousands of apps now though there are only 400 developers behind this. In a blogpost shared by Facebook, it revealed about the ongoing investigation. They are trying to make their platform as user-friendly as they can so people can have a comfortable experience.
“As each month goes by, we have incorporated what we learned and re-examined the ways that developers can build using our platforms,” Facebook said. “We’ve also improved the ways we investigate and enforce against potential policy violations that we find.”