Amazon Announces New Privacy Features For Alexa

Amazon has made some important announcements on its annual event. Along with that the company also revealed some interesting features of Alexa that are aimed at increasing the privacy of their devices. Alexa is a virtual assistant by Amazon controlled through voice. There are various products launched by the company like Amazon Home, Amazon Echo speakers, etc, and these Amazon products are controlled through Alexa which uses voice commands.

Earlier the company also revealed about some features of their virtual assistant Alexa that lets the users delete the part of their conversation with Alexa. For example, you do not want Alexa to store the information that you just gave it. So you will just have to command her “Alexa, delete what I just said” or “Alexa delete everything I said today” and the information will be gone.

But now the company is increasing the level of privacy of Alexa. On the annual event, Amazon has introduced a new feature of Alexa called Auto Delete. This feature will let you delete select a time frame and the virtual assistant will automatically delete what you said in that given time frame.

The users will be given an option of either three months or18 months to delete their recordings. Users can choose either of these options and their recordings or voice commands will get vanished from the system automatically. That means now you will not have to ask Alexa to delete a specific part of your conversation.