Amazon Now Also Sells Hospitals Rooms

If there is one thing we can count on this rapidly changing present scenario is the astounding rate at which Amazon is evolving and the number of businesses it is taking over. And the newest venture of the e-commerce giant is the business of selling supplies to hospitals, including “smart” hospital rooms that can be purchased on its marketplace as of January 25th, 2019. As of now, the units are specifically targeted to hospitals and are being made by EIR Healthcare.

Based in New York, the company has started selling the rooms, calling them MedModular, for a staggering $814 a square foot, adding up to $285,000 per unit on Amazon. The company claims that the rooms are more affordable and easily available than the actual concrete structure, adding that the customer can even customize the design although they all come with a bed and a bathroom stating that while ortho patients have different needs than heart-attack victims, everyone needs these two basic structures. The rooms can also be stacked on top of each other or “inserted into a site-build superstructure,” according to EIR.

“We’re targeting hospitals and health systems,” Grant Geiger, CEO of EIR Healthcare, told CNBC. “There’s a trend towards bringing more transparency in the health care space.” He said hospitals could use the rooms for urgent care needs or simulation labs. The military could also provide a market for these products.

“We’re targeting hospitals and health systems,” stated the CEO of EIR Healthcare, Grant Geiger, “There’s a trend towards bringing more transparency in the health care space,” he added. He stated that while they were getting a lot of interests and potential buyers from hospitals- which are also using these units as stimulation labs and urgent care facilities, they are also considering a foray into military grounds. Although, he admitted that hospitals were the more obvious place to start, especially when considering that Amazon already sells medical supplies including but not limited to bedpans to syringes.

Geiger shared that he was in discussions with a lot of groups for months before he got permission to sell his units on Amazon. He revealed they needed the company’s approval to ship and deliver the product, involving transportation of the units in big shipping containers down the highway.

The company had launched its MedModular line in around the second half of 2018. To give the readers an estimate of the cost of the units as compared to actual hospital reviews, let us discuss the prices, As said earlier, the units come for $814 per square foot, while the most expensive major city hospital in the U.S. is in Honolulu, where building a hospital can cost between $475 and $760 per square foot. In Las Vegas, the costs range from $285 to $455 per square foot. While a little like apples to oranges, it gives a general idea of what to weigh in pros and cons.

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