Amazon Warehouse Workers Around The World Are Going On Strike For Prime Day

The Amazon Prime Day is finally here, and the warehouse workers of the company are going on strike as promised. They are striking in order to let the world know about the work conditions that they endure. Thousands of Amazon employees from fulfillment centers and warehouse from around the world are going on a six-hour strike today. This is going to be such a disaster for Amazon as the company is launching their exclusive two-day mega sale.

The first day of Amazon Prime Day is going to be crucial for the company and workers going on strike on the same day will create a massive problem in front of Amazon. The problems of the warehouse workers of Amazon around the US include limited bathroom breaks, extremely odious quotas, the need to take pain medication just to complete their 10-hour work shift, and mandatory holiday shift.

Photo Source: Business Insider

Amazon is making its warehouse workers work really hard in order to fulfill their promise of same-day delivery. To win the delivery wars, the company is pushing its warehouse workers extra and that is causing all the trouble. According to the sources, there are a total of 15,000 warehouse workers that are working full time at the facility.

The employees are planning on going on six hours strike that will start at the end of their morning shift and will last till the start of their evening shift.¬†This is not it, there will also be a protest in the nation in a few days to support the Amazon’s warehouse workers.

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