Amazon’s Alexa had a Christmas holiday, users take to complaining on Twitter

Alexa apparently took a much needed holiday on Christmas. On the day of the holiday, 1000s of people all across Europe mentioned that they actually couldn’t play the yuletide songs, turn on the lights in living room, or get instructions to cook. This is because the digital butler of Amazon was repeatedly telling the users that she was unable to understand the commands or insisting them to try a bit later.

Several tweets popped up over Twitter stating the difficulties being faced by the users. A user @fozrobin mentioned that Alexa wasn’t happy on the holiday morning. He tried to old trick of turning the device on and off but hard luck. He even added a hint of sarcasm to the tweet by saying that he will now have to talk with the family instead of spending time using Alexa.

Another user, @kmpott mentioned that like everyone, Alexa also deserves her very own holiday for Christmas but Christmas Eve might not have been the right day to pick.

Alexa was confirmed to have crashed sometime around 10 a.m. after which tweets of the device being non-functional started swarming up. However, the customer service Twitter account of Amazon after two hours mentioned that this issue was resolved by the engineers.

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