Andrea Abeli and Her Success as a Social Media Influencer

Today, everyone wants to be a social media influencer. Most people believe that the job of an influencer is extremely easy and a lot of fun. While that is true most of the time, it is also true that being an influencer can get extremely taxing.

34-year-old Andrea Abeli will testify that being a social media influencer comes with its own share of highs and lows. A model, influencer, hostess, and branding expert, Ms. Abeli is a trendsetter who has blazed a new path to modeling success with her own style and flair. This Romanian beauty has a Masters in Family Law from the University of Bucharest. However, she has always been inclined towards creating a name for herself in the fashion and beauty space. With a mind-boggling fan following of 2 million people on Instagram, Andrea offers promotion opportunities to brands and helps aspiring models build their careers through social media.

Even though Andrea was born and raised in Romania, she always wanted to see more of the world. She was constantly intrigued by different cultures, so she moved out of her hometown to live in some of the world’s most lively and infamous cities including London, Barcelona, Milan, and Miami. Andrea was drawn to photography, web design, and online marketing from a young age.

Instead of practicing Law, Andrea followed her passion and established herself as a marketing expert. It was in 2014 that she began to help different models build their brands online through social media. While she was helping others, she decided to try her shot in front of the camera. To her surprise, she was an instant sensation! She always had a naturally curvy figure which helped her stand out from the rest. Plus, she enhanced her shape by undergoing cosmetic surgery which further differentiated her from her competition.

Andrea strongly believes in the old adage – practice what you preach. In addition to helping models build lucrative careers on social media, she has used her knowledge and marketing expertise to build an empire for herself. She believes that the traditional path of auditions and agents is obsolete, so she encourages models to seek her help in getting noticed in the online space. Andrea says, “If you strategically use social media, you can gain direct exposure.”

Andrea uses her academic background, experience, and knowledge to create and replicate success for those who seek her help. She works smart and hard to drive results and make the magic happen. However, there was a time when Ms. Abeli was learning the ropes of social media herself. When various social media platforms were launched, she was fascinated with these sites and created her online presence. Today, she has a huge fan following and chooses only seven models every year to manage! In her spare time, Andrea enjoys binge-watching movies and staying in touch with her friends and followers.

Ms. Abeli dared to dream, and she is a famous social media influencer today. Just like her Instagram posts, her life story inspires and motivates too!

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