Apex Legends’ Wattson: Why She’s The Best In Ranked Play

Season 2 of Apex Legends introduced a new female character who was named Wattson. Apex Legends is basically about running, shooting, and sliding only. But as the new character is introduced in the game the gamers can expect a lot more. At the beginning of season 2, when the character was introduced, the gamers were really disappointed and underestimated her. But as soon as they entered the Ranked mode, they have unveils her abilities and now she is the star of Apex Legends.

Fans were sort of confused in the beginning about what to expect from the latest character. She was seen having just defensive abilities and according to the gamers, she was slowing the game as she wasn’t doing anything good. Her ultimate ability is the Interception Pylon. Interception Pylon is used for repairing the damaged shields and for other defense tactics.

Photo Credit: Polygon

Except for Wattson, the other characters in the Apex Legends are used for enhancing the running and gunning power in the game. But Wattson abilities were totally different from theirs. At first, the gamers considered her useless and even the top streamers underestimated her after comparing her to other characters in the game. But with the launch of Ranked mode in the game people are gradually discovering her abilities and strengths.

The abilities of Wattson include locking down small areas across the King’s Canyons and setting up a full fence around herself and her allies. Now that the gamers have discovered about her abilities and power, they are considering Wattson is the new star of Apex Legends Season 2.


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