Apple offers free repairs to logic board issues in few Macbook Air models

Certain Apple Macbook Air devices have been revealed to have identified issues in logic boards of a “very small number” of MacBook Air models-2018. The main issue is identified in the “power”, as per documents obtained by 9to5Mac, MacRumors, etc. The issue is mainly found in Retina 13-inch, 2018 MacBook Air models. However, there is no detailed clarification regarding the issues faced by the customers.

No wonder, Apple hasn’t left your problem unsolved. Apple will be offering free replacement to affected logic boards upto 4 years from the date of its original purchase. So, ideally the customers are not required to immediately rush to their nearest stores, they have sufficient time to resolve the issue with the logic boards of their MacBook Air device. Not just that, Apple has identified certain serial numbers which are affected. It will be e-mailing to identified serial numbers which are prone to the issue. Also, the customers can themselves visit the Apple stores or authorized repair staff to get their devices checked. If the issue is found, the repair staff shall put the request for replacement of logic board and get the issues resolved.

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On all this happening, Apple has neither made any public announcement this 4 years program nor has the offer been listed on its “Exchange and Repair Extension Programs” webpage since a “very small number” of customers have been affected and Apple has contacted each of these customers. Thus, it is quiet unlikely that any such announcement would be made.

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