Apple says Goodbye to 3D Touch

Of the host of features that Apple has been cutting down in the upcoming versions of its iOS ecosystem, the 3D Touch functionality seems to be the latest one. It should be remembered that the feature came on the Apple devices four years ago, and now is facing the chopping. This is likely to be done through the iOS version 13.

In fact, this possible move was foreseen back in 2018 and now Apple has confirmed that the 3D Touch functionality will be gone on all the phones being launched in 2019. In fact, the feature is not only moving away from the iPhones but will be removed from the iOS version itself. The 3D touch feature had its issues ever since it was launched. It found fewer takers and it always was suffering the adoption issues. This has more to do with the fact that the feature is not available on iPhones older than iPhone 6 and the developers were not much keen to support it because of the inconsistency issues.
The iOS 13 is now under beta and the developers who are testing it found that the 3D Touch featureis no longer supported.
It may be worthwhile to notice that the 3D Touch on iPhone XS has been already replaced with haptic Touch functionality. We would expect the feature to be expanded onto all the newer launches coming up in 2019. In any case, there is no clear reason available for the reason for removing the 3D Touch feature. Having understood that, we do not think Apple will stop the feature altogether. The feature will continue to exist and developed for the Apple watches as all the generations of the smartwatch have the feature and there will not be any compatibility issues as in the case of iPhones.
For now, the feature is gone from all the new iPhones being launched in 2019 onwards.

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