Are we ready for “Bird Box” sequel?

Bird Box

Bird Box’s author Josh Malerman is expected to release the sequel of the book in October.
The Netflix adaptation of Bird Box was released in November,2018 and was instantly a big success. It was a book written by Josh Malerman in 2014.
Bird Box was a post apocalyptic and a debut novel by the American author and later this book was made into a movie which starred great actors like Sandra Bullock, Trevante Rhodes and Sarah Paulson.
The movie is about a woman who has to take her two children out to some place where they can retreat and be safe from the scary enemy which they can’t see any cost otherwise they will die. The featured film was so great that it became the most streamed movie on Netflix in the first week of its release.
The next book will be “Malorie” and will be released on 1st October, the author confirmed to Esquire.
As much as I care about Boy and Girl, this isn’t their story,” Malerman told Esquire. “The Bird Box world is Malorie’s story, and I wanted to know more about her. I wanted to get to know her even better.”
The movie ended where family founded a retreat in a school for visually impaired. But, the author has much more to offer.
“They’ve left there,” Malerman said. It will be another struggle to escape the adversaries.
“Similar in that they’re trying to make things work. It’s not like it opens with them in paradise,” he said.
And, don’t talk about the creatures, anybody will shudder at a thought of them.
“I will say this: We get to know both Malorie and the creatures better,” Malerman says.
Let us hope, we have a great movie to entertain on this book too.

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