Artist Fadetheblackk is becoming a top Influencer on social media

If you are someone in the field of arts, and looking to making it big on social media – you should look to none other than Artist Fadetheblackk. He is a true influencer and a popular American Rapper. While his real name is Antonio Rosario and he has been popular with his screen name FadeTheBlackk.

Antonio Rosario started his career as a photographer and song composer, the singer-rapper. Initially working with a host of artists as an assistant, he has now broken the ground and has become a brand in himself.

The latest from his arsenal is Visions, which is the debut single song released in association with the music label Warner Music Group. Released in 2018, the brand has already been a huge hit all over the world. In fact, he has even released the music on levelmusic. The song has gained such popularity that the fans across the globe have been looking ahead for his new albums and singles. In fact, the success of a single album has made him a popular singer and a rapper that the world is looking hopefully at.

The album Visions has been considered to be the The song that the world enjoys. He has so far released around 15 projects that have helped him earn recognition among the popular music charts in the US. True to his screen name, he is synonymous with the concept of moving away from the darkness. He has also been associated with popular Spanish artist Alla Alibaba and worked on over 150 tracks. He has over 15 tracks listed on the Billboard among the top charts.

What makes him a brand in himself is the fact that he is also helping out the upcoming artists through his own community. He has built a powerful community that the critics in the industry consider to be the best top 100 Indic artists in the city of New York City. In case you are a musician, or someone in the field of art and wanting to make it a huge brand, it may be a good idea connecting with another powerful brand that already is in the making – yes, we are talking about FadeTheBlackk.

Most of his tracks are available on SouncCloud, while you can even check his Instagram profile for more information on what he is up to and everything about his upcoming songs, videos, and other images.

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