Artist/Producer/Actor Revelation 13:18 inspires Basquiat Broadway Musical with the release of Old School feat. Jean-Michel Basquiat and his Revelation 13:18 x Basquiat Brand

Los Angeles, USA – Revelation was born and brought up in Louisville, KY’s Westend home of Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali). Further, he moved to Los Angeles’s south-central over hills and Slauson area to pursue his career which he dreamt of, i.e. an actor.

Revelation took motivation from his home state’s people. He aspired to be an engineer initially but started out as a sample based producer, using resources like the site and the Kevin Nottingham Music blog to study the art of beat making.

He got infulended from artists like Jay, Nas, Tupac, Notorious BIG, Master P, and the 5 Percenter Culture which reflects in his music as well because his music were influenced by these..

He considers himself as a new age conscious rapper. He has a goal, in fact a mission with his music which is to spread conscious enlightenment to the inner city communities through the knowledge of self.



On January 17, 2014, Revelation released his debut EP Now’s the Time recreating the famed Now’s the Time painting by Basquiat introducing his Revelation 13:18 x Basquiat brand.

Later that year on August 12th, 2014, he released self-produced “Old School” featuring the late, world-famous graffiti-writer turned painter, Jean-Michel Basquiat.

He was actually was influenced by Jean-Michel Basquiat as he touched on different topics in his paintings from racism to politics.

Revelation also released Revelation 13:18 x Basquiat EP instrumental album sampling music from Basquiat’s experimental music band Gray graphics for the EP that were designed by the rapper/designer recreating a Basquiat like painting saluting Hip Hop.

Highlighting Basquiat and his influence on Hip Hop Revelation later also released Now’s the Time 2-EP and Beat Bop the instrumental LP. Beat Bop was considered the holy grail of hip hop songs produced by Basquiat. Basquiat used social commentary in his paintings to create a conversation which is timeless and that is the same message that Revelation tries to convey in his music.

Basquiat’s love for of hip hop and graffiti art was the sole reason he rose to prominence very quickly; becoming the only American artist to sell artwork in the upper 100 millions of dollars. Basquiat was a rebel at heart who always wanted to showcase Blacks as a protagonist because he wanted to change the perception of Black people. This song Old School feat. Jean-Michel Basquiat and his Revelation 13:18 x Basquiat brand would go on to inspire a musical based on the life of Basquiat which is the focal point of a new Broadway-bound show composed by Jon Batiste, band leader and musical director of CBS’ The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. The project was recently announced by producers Alan D. Marks, and Barbara Marks, with Tony winner John Doyle, set to direct.

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