Aundrey Ricks Supports The Greater Good of Society

Mogul Aundrey Ricks spoke briefly with philanthropist and rapper Meek Mill. The two conversed about prison reform and why it is of paramount importance for our society.

Meek Mill and Legendary Icon Jay-Z is a crucial piece in the current prison reform movement. Mogul Aundrey Ricks can’t help but respect Meek Mill passion about helping his society.

Aundrey Ricks studied the criminal justice system at The University of Western Michigan where he holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. He can relate because he is also a supporter of the greater good of society. Mr. Ricks has given away the countless amount of time along with clothing and food to families in need. This concept of giving back is a key component to the strength of his Lifestyle Brand Raw Impact.

Aundrey and his wife Talibah Ricks meets with J. Alexander Martin January 2013 (at FUBU Headquarters located in New York, NY) about his Raw Impact Lifestyle Brand.  Martin is an owner and representative of FUBU, alongside Shark Tank’s very own Daymond John.

One thing that got Mr. Ricks motivated to start his brand Raw Impact was the ABC hit show Shark Tank.   By Aundrey being a former basketball player he felt he can relate to  Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban when it comes down to sports business knowledge.  But, when it comes down to urban clothing he knew that Daymond Johns and J. Alexander Martin was the key! Ricks is a young and grateful entrepreneur from Detroit, MI who plans on continuing his journey through any means necessary. He’s thankful to have had the opportunity to talk business with entrepreneurs that paved the way. Ricks has always stepped out on the leap of faith to make his dreams come true.

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