Avi Benezra explains what you should know about Chatbots and Text to Speech

“Bringing a new dimension to the user experience, SnatchBot’s Text-to-Speech provides an important accessibility option for visually impaired users, but can also create a bot with personality, providing exciting and interesting user engagement every time”. (Avi Benezra, CTO, SnatchBot)

SnatchBot’s Text to Speech Adds Voice to Your Chatbot

Similar to all the other SnatchBot features that everyone has come to love and rely on; giving your Chatbot a voice is for free. This advanced technology helps to give your chatbot a personality, with a specific style of speech and language that will reflect its purpose. The development of the chatbot is due to the progress being made in voice and speech recognition and SnatchBot and its chatbot creators have provided the platform where further exciting developments can continue.

Speech options

Marketing messages are more effective if you ensure that the right vocabulary, manner of speech and tone is used for your Text-to-Speech chatbot creation. If a bot is created to work for a financial institution it needs to have a reliable and somber tone, whereas, if it is for an online teenage store it will need to be youthful and energetic.

The team at SnatchBot has also given much consideration to language choices, since not all the world speaks English. The Text-to-Speech is available in 60 languages, and the English version has a choice of five male and five female voices. A small sample of each is available so that you can listen first before deciding which one to add before you switch on text-to-speech.

Purpose of switching to text-to speech

Offering the option for your users to listen to, rather than read a chatbot has two advantages. Firstly, it offers functionality or accessibility. There are a number of users on the internet, mainly the visually impaired, but there are others too, who prefer to listen rather than to read a chatbot’s response.

Secondly, as the creator of the chatbot, you are offering them a memorable, entertaining and engaging experience of the best quality.

How Snatchot’s text-to-speech can be enabled in a chatbot?

You can apply text-to-speech to any interaction and the feature generates an audio file, which can be listened to by the user in any of the supported channels including Viber, Line, Messenger, email etc. The user starts the voice by manually clicking on the start command of the audio.

A few easy steps are all it takes

There are just a few easy steps to follow and the first one is to click the cog sign in the text-to-speech section. The second, simple step is to choose the desired language, after listening to the samples, in order to select the preferred voice.

By selecting “voice”, the next stage becomes available. “Generate Speech Bot’s Message” is where you need to click on in order to proceed with the creation of an audio file to match the text of your interaction. Important to remember: If at any stage you update your bot’s message, you will have to update the audio file. This can be done by clicking the orange “refresh” button.

The audio file can now be included as an option for the user by switching the “Text-to-Speech” button on. It will appear to the user below the text of the interaction.

There is also the option of downloading the audio file.

With just a few clicks your Chatbot has been given a whole new dimension and can be added to any of the communication channels that you choose.

Automatically generating the audio file

If you are frequently altering the message you might want to choose to automatically generate the audio file. Any new auto-generation also automatically updates the audio. This can be chosen as an option straight after choosing the voice and switching the auto-generate button to “on”. This sometimes leads to slower loading times for the interaction. If you do notice this you can change the flow to pre-generated mode. In this mode any changes to the interaction, regenerate the file to apply them. An icon in the header of Text-to-Speech will indicate the state of the file.

The two text-to-speech generation modes

Currently, there are two working modes to choose from and which one you choose to pick will depend on what suits your purpose best.


This one is most suited to long texts that are not changed often. There are no variables, response to, or arithmetic operations included. This is the fastest solution with no need to generate a file on the go.


This audio file is generated exactly like the text displayed in the chat and includes all the variables and all operations. Since long texts do slow the bots operation, it is recommended to only use when necessary.

The importance of ASR

Easy to implement and free of charge, this is an efficient way to pass messages to people who can’t or won’t read messages while it also helps with the new compliance of accessibility laws across the globe.

Finally, what Snatchbot is aiming offer you in the near future?

The goal for the very near future is to provide speech-to-text and automated voice and speech recognition that will change your life. By combining all this technology, the power of the human voice will replace the need for typing and people will be able to interface with their phones, computers, cars and television through conversation.

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