Berkeley Heating and Cooling HVAC Services

Heating and cooling is no joke, especially when it comes to Berkeley, California. With temperatures being consistently warmer than some other states, and especially hot in the summer during the day, you need to have a solid air conditioning solution. However, it sometimes gets cool in the evenings, so you may need to have a solid heating solution so you can adjust your thermostat correctly. Therefore, you more than likely need a very solid solution when it comes to getting proper HVAC services for your home.

How to Hire the Best HVAC Services in Berkeley

The first thing you need to do of course is find the right HVAC company for you, this is an important step because they’ll be able to assess your situation and make sure that you have the right necessities to get proper heating and cooling throughout your home. If you have an idea on what you need to get done, from installation, to service and maintenance, insulation, and even assessing indoor air quality, you want to ensure that your contractor is licensed and fully insured in the state, as well as in the area you’re hiring them for.

Do You Have a Home Project?

Heating and air conditioning installers are also very crucial if you’re in the real estate market. You can increase the property value of your home greatly just by adding a central air and heating unit in your home (if it didn’t have one), and sometimes this requires new ventilation, or other sources of heat. And you don’t want just some regular contractor to do the job, you want an award winning, fully registered BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited business to help with this, using all of the best brands available to you at a low price. They’ll also know how to work with your budget to get you the heating and cooling solutions you may need if you’re building your brand new dream home as well.

What About Service Agreements?

The best HVAC technicians will actually offer a solid service agreement when it comes to making sure your heating and cooling systems are operating optimally and more energy efficiently. This can help with your utility costs, and you want a service agreement that includes guarantee on replacement of parts, discount services, monthly payment options, and much more. By adding this, most contractors actually treat you like one of their family and not just another customer, which is also a very important thing to consider.


Hassler is just one of many services in the area, but they’re the highest rated Berkeley HVAC service contractors that we highly recommend. Their competitiveness and service is unmatched with their core values which enable them to go the extra miles for their customers, offer every single level of membership that works in the office a solid foundational workplace. It’s important that even their employees are satisfied too. They also like to make sure that they take full accountability for anything that happens during their watch, and build long-lasting rapport with you, which says a lot. Most companies just hit and run, but Hassler is here to stay for almost every one of their customers.

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