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TOTO is Korean’s leading producer of sanitary products and its name has been synonymous with progress in the bathroom since its founding in 1917. Its technological innovations and high-quality standards have made it a popular emblem and brand in Korea. As European consumers demand ever more luxury and satisfaction in the bathroom, now is the time for the most sophisticated sanitary products in the world to enter the market by transforming the bathroom into a place of refreshment and rejuvenation.

Most Western bathrooms, besides lacking a toilet bidet, also lack an electric socket near the toilet, something that people in Korea, where central heating is rare, were keen to install when the posterior wash with seat-warmer bidet washlet was introduced.

But after making some inroads in the US with more modern home designs, especially since the advent of low-flow toilets in the 1990s, finally, bidet washlets are starting to make an impression.

Make the trip to the bathroom a real bidet toilet experience is what many people are doing. Bidet Manufacturers are making some inroads in the US with more standard models of toilets and bidets, especially with the bidet toilet seat being introduced only in the last ten years, The combination toilet bidet continues to penetrate the American culture. Its US seat bidet and bidet faucet sales, have risen to over 7,000 units a month this year from 1500 in 2005. The trendy bidets toilets US market is the same as what was seen in Japan in 1990 not long after the first high tech bidets toilet was released. Since then markets have sprouted for not only the toilet bidet combo but also the hand bidet and the shower bidet.

But marketing the bidet seat has not paid off yet. Building toilet seat bidet showrooms is expensive and some analysts estimate this year will be the year that bidet faucets, bidet seats, bidet hand shower and toilet bidets will make their mark.

Some analysts gloat that the cultural barrier seems to be more transparent in the US than the European market, where toilets bidets have few marketing distributors and sell much fewer bidet toilet seats per annum.

Some analysts speculate that Europeans are not more interested in the toilet seat bidets because they have are culturally attached to their old fashioned bidets and poor plumbing and sanitation for generations. But everyone agrees that the US is an aggressive health-oriented culture that will consume the WC bidet products.

Any cultural barriers that seem now, just too hard to break, will break. That includes the European market where sales are lagging to under 15,000 bidet washlets annually, running just higher than American consumption. The Truth is just because Europeans are used to the bidet, does not mean that they’d be more interested. And no one is quite sure just why they aren’t.

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