What is Libido and How to Boost it Naturally in Men?

What is Libido?

Libido means Sexual Desire. It is the overall sex drive or sexual desire of a person. Libido is influenced by various factors such as biological, psychological and even social factors as well.

In this article, we are talking about Men’s Libido. One can have a low or high libido. High is libido is good, but when it goes low, there is some problem which you need to fix to enjoy your sex life and give pleasure to your partner.

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Causes of Low Libido

First of all, I would like to tell you that you need to relax if you are having a low libido problem. It can be fixed.

So, first, we need to know what the possible causes of low libido are.

  1. Depression: When you are in depression due to some issues in your life. You lose interest in your day to day activities including sex. The situation becomes worse when you have to take Antidepressants which lowers libido in most cases. However, some medications don’t affect. Therefore, if you are having a low libido problem, and you are taking any depression medication, talk to your doctor.
  2. Diabetes: Diabetes impacts the body in many ways. It reduces testosterone levels which lower the sexual desire. Never damage is also a big issue that comes with diabetes, and due to that blood flow in the body gets affected, and the penis gets affected more. If the blood capillaries of the penis don’t get the full flow of blood, it won’t get erected. Hence, a low sex drive.
  3. Obesity: Being overweight has big problems. It has been observed that obese people men have low sex
  4. Aging: As you age, testosterone levels get affected, and also, the nerves lose These lead to low libido.
  5. Sleep problems: If you are not sleeping well, you will have low libido sooner or later.
  6. Medication: Long term medications may also reduce testosterone levels in your body.
  7. Alcohol: Alcohol or any drug is bad for sexual health.

5 Natural ways to Boost Libido

Improve the relationship quality with your partner

It is natural that when you have a good love relationship with your partner, you will have a better sex life. So, you must improve your relationship. Respect for each other. Apart from sex, do cuddle, kiss in different corners of your house, go for a date together, do things that make both of you happy, don’t force for sex, etc.
Talk about each other’s expectations whether it is about life or sex. You must know the sexual desire of your partner and you should also share your desires.
These things boost your confidence, and having good feelings for each other makes you last longer in bed.

Get Proper Sleep

A better sleep makes you feel fresh and energetic the next day. When you don’t sleep well, your body organs feel exhausted. Thus, you don’t feel energetic. Thus, do get proper sleep, and feel energetic. It will boost your sexual desire.

Spend time in Foreplay

While having sex being completely aroused is important for both Men and Women. Men take less time to fully arouse whereas women take more time. Thus, you as a man, need to spend more time in foreplay. As much time you spend in foreplay, the more arousal is there. When you both are fully aroused, you enjoy a better sexual encounter.

Eat Healthy

It is important to eat healthy to boost your libido. Eating junk affects libido badly. You should eat lot of vegetables, lean protein, low sugar products to avoid libido related issues. Include those things that boost libido such as fenugreek, red pepper, Ginger, Oysters, Pomegranates, Fish oil, Onions, etc.

Work Out

Regular work out increase testosterone levels in your body and improves the blood flow throughout the body as well.  Exercising greatly helps to cope up with Libido related issues.

Apart from all these, you must stay happy. It does help in having a great sex life. Also, above all these, when you face issues once, don’t start thinking a lot about it because when your mind is not free, you won’t get a better erection when you want to have sex.

Bottom Line

For increasing libido, regular workouts, quitting smoking and Alcohol, getting proper sleep, eating healthy and having a better relationship are important.

If you do these, most likely you won’t face libido related issues. Still, if you face a problem, you should meet your doctor, and discuss. There are many advancements in the medical science that may fix your Low libido issue effectively.

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