California Utility decides to cut Power to 27000 customers

The Pacific Gas and Electric has decided to cut power supply to over 27000 customers across five counties. The decision has been taken up in view of the accidental wildfire in the region. The move will affect the residents of Butte, Yuba, Nevada, El Dorado and Placer counties. It may be remembered that the wildfire gutted around 15000 homes last year.

There was a wildfire that started late Saturday night and has burned over 1700 acres of land. The power cuts has been decided to prevent the possibility of further occurrence of such fire again. The power supply is likely to be restored by noon on Sunday. the restoration will be dependent upon the inspections to ascertain the safety precautions.
The Pacific Gas and Electric has indicated that the power may be cut again. It has asked the consumers to be prepared for the power cut and have alternative preparations ready in place to address any such eventuality. The decision to cut the power connections was taken at the backdrop of the warnings that indicated the possibility of high fire due to the low humidity, high temperatures and strong winds. The effects are likely to be felt in some parts of the Central Valley and areas north of San Francisco.
The areas have been considered to be one of the dangerous areas and have witnessed a few devastating fires in the last two years. The Pacific Gas and Electric company has been facing lawsuits from insurance companies and does not want to be at the wrong end once again.

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