Can I drive an Uninsured car on my Insurance?

If you are fond of driving, you are likely to come across several situations. What if you are forced to drive a car that has no insurance cover? Provided you are insured, can you drive an uninsured car on your insurance? The query can be confusing and can leave you to want to know more about it. We thought we will add some useful information to help you out in your dilemma.

“Can I drive an Uninsured car on my Insurance?” – that question would have come up in your mind at least once if you are someone who has a good knowledge of how car insurance policies work. Understanding the exact condition can be quite difficult in this context. There are several policies with plenty of options and clauses, and finding the exact option among them is not quite simple and easy.

In most cases, the liability lies with the car than the driver. That should ideally make driving an uninsured car quite illegal, even when you have insurance in your name. In essence, driving a car that has no insurance can be quite dangerous. It can invite you to pay the damages in case of accidents. Moreover, you may also be liable for the legal fees if the incident involves any third party damage.

Under ideal conditions, the insurance liability rests with the owner of the vehicle. If you are driving a borrowed car and have auto insurance on your name, it can help you get a temporary cover, but even then an uninsured car can indeed invite trouble. If you have an uninsured car that you own, in those cases, the policy you own will not provide you with any coverage.

The fact remains that your car needs to have at least the basic liability insurance cover. The minimum level of insurance coverage will be stipulated by each of the states you belong to. It should be a good idea to opt for an auto insurance – a minimum one if you do not want to go with an elaborate policy – than leaving the car uninsured.

The basic points that you should understand would include –

  • Driving an uninsured car is an offence in most part of the world. Even if you have your own insurance.
  • Ideally, the liability rests with the car, more than the driver.
  • If you have borrowed an uninsured car, the own insurance cover you have on your own may cover you temporarily.
  • If the uninsured car belongs to you or anyone in your family, the own insurance you have will not provide you with any sort of coverage.
  • Driving an uninsured car can make liable to several legal actions including suspension of your license.

In essencce, it should go without saying that even when you have your own insurance, it is not advisable to drive a car that is not insured. It may provide you a coverage and compensation to some extent, but may not be adequate. If you are driving your own uninsured car, that should be a strict no-no, as your own insurance will not cover it.

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