Can I Insure myself to drive any car?

We know very well that if you own a vehicle, you need an insurance policy to take care of any eventualities. But, what if you are driving someone else’s car? Can you insure yourself to drive any car? If you are looking to drive a car that you does not belong to you, there is a policy exclusively designed for the purpose. If you are worrie and asking yourself, “Can I insure myself to drive any car”, here is what you need to know.

Yes, there is an option to drive any car with an insurance on yourself. This is called non-car insurance or Drive Other Cars (or DOC) insurance. Many insurance companies provide you access to a policy that can enable you to drive other’s car, but in most cases, you will be liable to pay for any damages as these policies provide you access only to third party cover. In some extreme cases, you may have access to a comprehensive “drive any car” insurance, but there are special instances where these clauses can come into force. It may be necessary to get yourself acquainted with the fine print in the policy document before taking a leap to opt for it.

The best option that would help you drive any car with your own insurance will be to add your name as the driver when the policy is taken. This can serve to be a great option if you are sure that you will be driving the car on several occasions as long as the policy is active. This can be a good option for a partner’s car.

Yet another good idea would be to opt for a temporary car insurance on yourself for the particular car. Insurance companies provide this option. If you are hiring a car for a short period of time, it may be an excellent idea to take a policy for a finite period of time. This should be helpful in covering you adequately. Do note that for this type of policy, you need to be at least 25 years of age.

While we are attempting to help you with the question ” can I insure myself to drive any car”, the tips here should also be helpful if you are lending your vehicle. It may be a great idea to take a temporary cover in the name of the person who is hiring it or the one who is about to drive it. It may also be an excellent option to register the person as the named driver in the policy for a finite period of time. Either way, this can be a perfect option to safeguard yourself.

You can consult any insurance company for the details on the available options. However, being equipped with this knowledge can be helpful for you in many ways, as you would be able to negotiate your terms and exact requirements. In essence, these tips should adequately answer your queries on whether you can ensure yourself to drive any car.

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