Can Skipjack Corporation provide Indonesians alternative financial support via Zetanet’s Encryp Block?

Indonesia as an emerging market is still facing financial difficulties for its local citizens. A lot of people are facing hard reality with low income. The country is drastically lacking jobs and this is something that requires extra help from the private sector.

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Skipjack Corporation is working hard on developing strategies and plans for increasing job opportunities in Indonesia. One such solution is Zetanet financial transaction checks via Encryp Block. When Zetanet goes live, one of the featured services will be mobile phone transactions via Zetanet which will require a real human to verify transactions. 

Skipjack Corp estimates that an average salary for transaction checker could reach between 500 and 1500 US dollars a month which is above average in the local Indonesian market. Skipjack Corp aims to increase jobs in Indonesia while at the same time educating the communities on how to use Zetanet technology. 

According to Skipjack Corp, Zetanet technology will bring a lot of new jobs to local markets in the South East Asia Pacific.

Prior to Zetanet, Skipjack Corp has developed an Encryp Block and Encryp Ledger, a financial payment system which can be easily utilized by companies and financial institutions. Encryp Block payment systems will be integrated into Zetanet and will act as primary system for financial transactions.

Skipjack Corp is promising jobs and income for locals starting already in 2020.

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