Cardi B Says She is Done With the Plastic Surgeries and Their Effects

Celebrities indulge in multiple plastic surgeries and then has to face the worst effects of the surgery throughout the lifetime. One of the celebrities who has come to understand this is none other than the famous rapper Cardi B.

She had received liposuction and breast enhancement surgeries last year after giving birth to her daughter Kulture. She had to cancel a few of her concerts just because she had to recover from her multiple plastic surgeries. Now Cardi B says she’ll never get plastic surgery again.

When she opted for plastic surgery, she was criticised by her fans for going under the knife instead of opting for the gym activities for getting back into the shape. She had then argued saying she has no time to attend the gym and she being an entertainer has to work throughout the 24 hours a day.

She took to Twitter to explain her pain to her fans.

She made that announcement just around a few days after she showed off her swollen foot as a result of the compilations created by the plastic surgery.

As per the details shared by her representative, Cardi was a bit zealous to get back to work and thus did not take the necessary precautions so that she could recover from the surgery. Her schedule seems to have taken a toll on her health, and now she has been given strict orders from the doctors to pull off from all her commitments and get back to rest.

She had to cancel a considerable number of her shows back in May. She was criticised that she cancelled those shows because they were not sold out. However, the primary reason for cancelling the performances was due to swollen feet and other health complications that she could not continue performing and had to resort to rest.

Will this be a sign of warning for the celebrities who want to go under the knife every now and then, just to ensure their fan following? We would just hope it would and yes, wish Cardi B a speedy recovery!

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