Catholic Ingredients aims to evangelize says founder Ryan Bilodeau

Young adults are attending weekly mass less and less these days, and one Catholic self-starter is aiming to do something about it. Marketer and theology teacher Ryan Bilodeau recently formed a Catholic online theology course called Catholic Ingredients.

The project is an attempt to evangelize Catholics who are both new to the faith and even the well-learned alike to grow in the faith’s fundamentals.

Ryan Bilodeau, an author and marketer with a background in the Catholic Church recently stated, “A recent study has shown that human beings have the attention span of a goldfish. In this globalized world, people are busier and working more hours than ever before. And these days it seems like even God is competing for our attention. My hope is that the Catholic Ingredients newsletter will meet people where they are and bring them back to the faith in the process.”

The name of the program is a play on words. The ingredients of the faith involve not only God’s grace, but some knowledge along the way and this is where a course like his helps. On the Catholic Ingredient website, Ryan Bilodeau alludes to Jesus’s command that “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.” The Catholic Ingredients course is an attempt, it seems, to pass along the word that comes from the mouth of God in the form of an email newsletter.

If you’re a Catholic who is new to the faith or someone who has gone to church every week since childhood, the Catholic Ingredients email theology newsletter can be signed up for on

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