CDC warns of evolving Opioid overdose worsening with time

The illegally manufactured drug named Fentanyl was one among the major driving force for more than 45.2% deaths from use of synthetic opioids. This report involved a study organized from the year 2016 to the year 2017. The study was conducted on Friday by the researchers at US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

All-in-all, a total of 70,237 deaths from drug overdose was reported in the year 2017. Out of these total deaths, about 47,600 or 76.8 percent death was a result of opioids. However, 59.8 percent or 28,466 deaths were from synthetic opioids.

The study’s authors mentioned that this particular epidemic from opioid overdose is worsening with time as well as evolving because of synthetic opioids involvement. This new report got published at the online platform of MMWR by CDC. It reviewed the deaths from drug overdose between the year 2013 and 2017. In this time, the rates for drug overdose induced deaths increased in DC along with 35 states of the total 50. Significant increase in this death mark was noticed in at least 15 from 20 states.

The report confirmed that states like Ohio, New Hampshire, and west Virginia recorded the highest death rates in the year 2017.

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