CES 2019-the global display of the hottest gadgets

The time of the year has arrived when once again the innovative minds with their unbeatable technological ideas would gather and introduce themselves to the market in a holistically different way. CES(Consumer Electronics Show), being a global platform for innovation for past 50 years has proved to be a serving ground for more than 4500 companies in showcasing their innovations and buliding their market base while competing with each other by introducing new tech gadgets and attracting the customers.
Owned and produced by Consumer Technology Association(CTA), it captivates world’s renowned and pioneer thinkers and leaders who deal in consumer technologies towards a place where the most pertinent matters are addressed and discussed thereafter. All consumer technology dealers right from manufacturers, suppliers to developers are a part of this mega event.

CES, is seen as the world’s most celebrated Consumer Technology show and from past 5 decades with it magnificent start it has filled the hearts and minds of people with unimaginable level of expectations. Everything from the latest wearables to the newest must-have tech gadgets all are expected to be showcased in a new and innovative way in this biggest tech show of the year.
CES, this year, would take place in Los Vegas, from Tuesday 8th January until 12th January 2019, seemingly bigger than ever where all the biggest names and players of the business industry would be showcasing their plans for the rest of the year. Although, the companies try to keep everything a secret, the rumours in the air say that Samsung, LG, Panasonic and Sony have planned a grand level of display of their new tech gadgets along with which new companies would showcase their tech gadgets with the most mesmerizing effect. In all, we will be seeing an endless display of every aspect of tech, from robotics to mobile processors. Plenty of big firms will be showing up at CES 2019 and all we can do is wait for the commencement of this grand tech show.