Chocolate Day: Greeting and quotes

Chocolate Day

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Chocolate day is the third day of valentine week and celebrated on 9th February. You can claim it as the sweetest day of the year where loved ones indulge in sweet treats. This is not hard to celebrate, grab a bar of chocolate and gift it to your valentine as chocolate has the ability to set everything right.

You can gift it in chocolate bouquet where all the favorite chocolates of your lover should be there, or you can fill a jar with chocolates and truffles with your greetings. Chocolate is considered as “food of god” and when eaten in pure form gives us amazing benefits.

Chocolate Day Greetings:


Lovely Chocolate and lovely you and lovely are the things you do. But the loveliest is the friendship of two, one is me, and the other is you. Happy chocolate day!!

“It’s times like these when you want to cuddle up to the one you love in front of a fire drinking hot chocolate and talk about how the stars aligned for you.” Happy Chocolate Day!!

“You are like chocolate. The longer you eat, the sweeter it gets.”

It’s the chocolate day, and I am ready to get dipped in your love. Happy chocolate day.

I have never met chocolate; I didn’t like. Happy Chocolate Day!!



Don’t hug me until you send me chocolate. Happy chocolate day!!

To me, you are hugs and laughter and the warmth of hot chocolate on a cold winters day. Happy chocolate day!!

For a dairy milk person from a five-star friend. For a melody reason and a kitkat time. On a munch day, in a perk mood to say. Happy Chocolate Day!!

For a chocolaty, you, to wish a chocolicious good times on Chocolate day.

My life is like an empty box. You are like a chocolate bag. I want you to be inside it to make it full of sweetness. Happy Chocolate Day!!

Chocolate Day Quotes

Chocolate you did not want to eat does not count as chocolate. This discovery is from the same branch of culinary physics that determined that food is eaten while walking contains no calories.-Terry Prachett

Even saying his name is a remembered pleasure, something to savor, like a piece of chocolate dissolving on my tongue.-Jenny Han

There is no heartbreak that cannot be fixed by chocolate-Sarah Kay

It is my darling wife who likes chocolate.– Prince Charles when he declined some chocolate during his visit to Wales

Did you know that chocolate contains a property (phenylethylamine) that triggers the release of the release of endorphins. It gives one the feeling of love.- Roald Dahl

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