Chris Brown is Happy For Rihana

Chris Brown and Rihanna had been dating way back in 2008 and have since moved on. Now that she has been in a relationship with the businessman Hassan Jameel, and expressed her feelings for him, Chris Brown recently shared the feelings he has for the celebrity singer.

However, Chris Brown is happy Rihanna has found love but still feels bad for the way their relationship took turns and ended the way it did. Chris has been quite emotional about it but also understands that they have moved ahead in life and everything has changed as of now. Though the relationship has ended, he still believes and claims that he would be supporting her in everything she does.

The History of their relationship

The relationship between Rihanna and Chris Brown was quite tumultuous, to say the least. There have been several reports that ranged across battering and police reports during their lie together. Even then, they were treated to be a pair made for each other. Until the things took a bad turn.

They had been dating during 2008 and 2009. All was well until the police arrested Chris Brown on complaints of physically assaulting Rihanna. The condition was so intense that she had a bruised face and was hospitalized. That was the end of their relationship.

However, they continue to be best friends and have been practical enough to understand what went wrong between them. In fact, the interviews after that even suggested that they were still defending each other.

The love or the respect for each other is still evident in the way Chris Brown expressed his views. He still regrets what transpired between them. The reports suggest that he has mixed emotions when it comes to the relationship between Rihanna and her partner. Though Rihanna is never forthcoming with her relationships, still is still evident through her interviews that she is very much in love. While Chris is happy that Rihanna has found happiness, he still keeps wondering what he could have done to save the relationship with Rihanna a decade ago.

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