Chromium Edge Browser From Microsoft is Out for Testing. Google Services Replaced/Removed

Since Google Chrome launched, it has been the leading web browser that almost every person is using nowadays. It has been the industry leader, and its counterparts Firefox, and others didn’t even come close to it. Even Microsoft’s browsers didn’t stand up to it. So, Microsoft has been working on a new browser based on the Chromium Edge browser which shares the same platform, Chromium like Google Chrome but it is believed to give better performance and speed than Chrome.

Microsoft has launched its Canary and Dev build, and they are out for testing so that they can gather some feedback to work more on the Beta version which is yet to be released. You can get more information about these on its official site.

Many users reported that its Dev version works quite well, and perform better than Chrome on Windows 10. This is really good news for Microsoft. If you are one who hasn’t try it yet, go to their site, and download to try.

Microsoft stated that it has removed or replaced more than 50 of Google services that come with Chromium bundle to improve the performance of its Edge browser. That means, they are using the platform but they customizing things their own way and also removing the services that either they don’t need or they have an alternative for the same. Also, they don’t to keep anything that affects the browser’s performance.

Microsoft is focusing on the fundamentals of browsing, reliability, and extension support for this early version of Edge that is built on the Chromium Open Source project. It seems that Edge may give a tough competition to Chrome when its final version will be out.
Let’s see!

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