Comic-Con reveals trailers for “Top Gun: Mavericks” and “Cats”

After the Top-Gun (1986) blockbuster, a sequel Top-Gun: Maverick (2020) of Joseph Kosinski was a great surprise revealed by the reputed star Tom Cruise at San Diego Comic-Con 2019 on Thursday. It is a drama/action series coming up.

The movie from Viacom Inc.’s, Paramount Pictures shall be on screen by June 2020. In the trailer, Cruise is shown as a 34-years old expert fighter pilot in the role of Captain Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell who is willing to take the son of his buddy Goose in his wing.

Cruise has been seen wearing Ray-Ban glasses. Not just that, the trailer has also revealed many unexpected dangerous air stunts performed by Cruise. This movie seems to be simply a chance given to Cruise to be able to fly jets in real and prove it with cockpit cams. The movie shall be a great experience about what is all inside the aircraft. It’s all about aviation.

Tom while announcing the release said, “I was always asked, “When are you going to do another one?” Well, you have been very patient with me. I felt it was my responsibility to really deliver for you.”

Top Gun: Maverick is not the only hit to the internet this Thursday. Another movie “CATS” has equally driven the crowd crazy. The Tom Hooper’s CATS is featuring a tribe of cats called Jellicles, that face a series of difficult life-altering decisions one fateful night.

Taylor Swift. Jennifer Hudson, Idris Elba, and Judi Dench have been seen wearing the fur jackets to look like a cat. The fans have not really liked to see their favorites in the cat-look. Cats have been badly “cursed” by the people on Twitter.

Let’s hope Tom Hoopers- “CATS” really turns out great. Awaiting, the release on 20th December 2019. After “The Farewell” these two upcoming movies shall prove great.


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