Confidence in the work place?

We interviewed Pittsburgh, Pa Entrepreneur Derek Candelore to get his perspective.

While many companies have the mantra ‘Check your ego at the door’, Derek Candelore runs his company in a different way. He helps build up an ability to perform, then positive reinforcement to go with it.

“I think people operate at a higher capacity when they are full of confidence for skills they have, and I feed that.”

“I will never encourage any of my guys to be robotic, average or dull. I feel the most room for growth in individuals is to sharpen their strengths.”

“I want competitiveness, confidence and a bit of what I call earned arrogance to be the driving force that starts every day for my guys”.

“I’ve worked for companies that the Boss always made sure you were under their thumb, reminding you of how great they thought they were and how poorly you typed up your report or whatever and I don’t want anyone to ever have that feeling working (with) me. Notice I said working with me, not for me…

“I want my guys to have a chip on their shoulder, I encourage them to be a little arrogant about what they do because I’ve vetted them out enough to know that they are top finishers in the industry and earn based on performance”.

“We’re a bunch of Alphas, I tell my guys all the time, I want your absolute best today, I want you at your highest level of confidence, communication, and production… If you’re feeling drained, take the day off to recharge, come back tomorrow with high energy and a Champion mindset”. Candelore says.

“I don’t care if we had a little job setback the day before, we only look forward. I don’t want any gun shy guys hesitating, we all know what they can do- often times, people need reassured of it.”

“I like to remind them that, when they lay you down and you leave this Earth, right now you’re creating your Legacy, as imperfect as it may be.”

“That being said, if you have no experience and you aren’t very good at what you do yet, then there’s no room for delusional arrogance or narcissism.” Candelore added.

“Confidence is everything in life, that’s the key, not cockiness, confidence. I try and sharpen that, remind guys of it daily so they feel like, ok, Derek’s building me up, he’s riding with me.”

“Even in life outside of Business, I try to raise my own Vibration by being a High Energy Individual and I like when people feed off of that.”

In Business, I’ll say things like Great job on that office or damn you’re knocking this job out my man, keep going… Stuff like that.” Candelore Said.

“Every attribute that people possess have volumes, they can go up and down, so when dealing with clients I want the humility, communication and respect volumes at a 10, everything else at a 1.”

We asked Derek about the catch phrase “Be Epic”… And if he could give a definition of how he applies it.

Derek said “Be Epic is attacking your task- could be work, school, fitness, marriage, parenting, etc. And outworking anybody that has ever done it. I’m not talking about talent, I’m talking about pure grit.” He said.

“Studying the great ones, studying your competition, overcoming setbacks, being relentless until you get your desired result, which is being one of the greats, having a real impact, and having patience enough to know it won’t happen overnight.”

“People are going to say what they say, but at the end of the day if you’re outworking everybody, nobody can take your success away from you with slander.” Candelore said.

Another great take by Derek Candelore, Derek’s website is currently receiving around 2,000+ visitors daily, and he can be found there;

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