Derek Candelore gives his prediction on the Errol Spence Vs. Mikey Garcia Fight in Arlington, TX on Saturday, March 16th, 2019.

We’re only a few weeks away from a clash of the titans boxing bout. Two undefeated fighters square up in what will most certainly be an epic competition in the Welterweight Division.

Will it live up to the hype? How will it go down? We caught up with Pittsburgh’s own Boxing Authority, Derek Candelore of for his prediction…

“ You have two amazing fighters, with two completely different styles that actually have the balls to fight each other in their primes, so that’s awesome.”

“ Spence is the bigger guy, taller guy, more athletic guy and more talented guy. Plus he’s a Southpaw… But Mikey Garcia comes from a fighting family and has proven that he’s one of the top fighters in the entire sport, he’s a dog.” Candelore said.

“Mikey’s [Garcia] style is nothing special at all, stand right in front of you, hands high, 1, 1, 1, 1-2, 1, 1.”

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Meaning straight punches, Jabs and Crosses.

“Garcia is real methodical with his walk-you-down / break-you-down style. If you fight his style you’ll lose, but if you fight wild, you could lose too.”

“Spence is that slick southpaw, probably goes to the body better than anyone in the sport. He’s kind of awkward, and can throw some real bombs at you, and land them square.”

“I believe once the fight settles in, Spences size, speed, athleticism will be too much for Garcia… I can’t see Spence losing, I just can’t.” Candelore Added.

“He [Spence] should start to break him down a little bit around 4-6, mixing up his levels and going to the body.” “Don’t get me wrong, he’s [Spence] going to get hit too.”

“I have a source that tells me when Spence was in Floyd Mayweather’s camp for the McGregor fight Spence gave Floyd fits early on. Blackened his eye, hurting him to the body, etc. Now granted, Spence could’ve been in shape and Floyd was just getting wet, but still, it’s Floyd Mayweather.” Candelore said.

“ I have a Split Decision going to Spence, I think Mikey is a little too small, a little too orthodox, a little too boring to get a decision.”

“I also think Spence could get a knockdown or stoppage, honestly.”

“I will be surprised, borderline shocked if Garcia wins… And if he does, my hats off to him.”

And there you have it, folks, Another prefight prediction by Derek Candelore on who will win in the Errol Spence Versus Mikey Garcia anticipated bout.

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