Doing a Business development internship in Asia

There is a saying in the Business world that ‘where there is a room for potential, there’s business development already done there’. Now, these may look the same to one and there is a high probability that you might consider the person idiot who said this, but actually, this has a deep meaning when understood via combinations. Business development internship is a mix of marketing, strategic analysis, and sales. From the growth of their employers’ products and services to making new market strategies, professionals in this field are involved in almost everything. Generation of leads in sales, negotiating and closing deals with partner clients is a foremost task done by these people.

As we all are aware, Asia is one of the fastest growing economic regions in the world and the majority of the credit for this goes to the business developers. More and more students from all domains are shifting to this field, as this has been proving to be a promising field with the maximum potential of growth. Now, what exactly does a Business development intern do?

He conducts various researches and identifies potential partners in other companies. Whilst reaching out to the current clients and exploring new projects with them, he/she has to work along with senior managers to analyze the current competition, research analysis, also analyze the market status and test various ideas for business expansion.

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They also have a task of conducting and creating development projects by maintaining databases of large MNCs, making PPTs and pitching sales to clients. Setting up meetings is also carried out by them. Active management is expected from these people as they are going to lead the market in the near future.

All interns are given a boss who guides, monitors and trains them throughout your course of the internship. The tasks given will vary company to company as there are always thousands of methods to expand the products sales and service reach to the clients. In sales-oriented and operational role based internships, maximum growth takes place that enhances the strength of trust and belief that all clients of the firm have put into it. They do not just focus on lead generation, marketing, but also works in investment banking and client support. This is an open school of ‘How to run a business 101’ and interns should make the best use of it.

Experience in business development helps professionals prove that they are ready for leadership roles. Business development internships help to be the first step into the actual market because of their learning at good firms.

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