Electronic Stylist: 5 Apps for Creating a Fashionable Image

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Life is changing rapidly. Every day a lot of new technologies appear, and almost all of our life now fits on a mobile phone.

By using mobile applications, you can easily call a taxi, order food to your home, find a cheap ticket to New York, book a Dodge Challenger rental for your upcoming trip, and even get a doctor’s consultation online.

Of course, the developers also didn’t ignore such an important issue as a wardrobe. Today there are lots of applications that will tell you how to dress according to the weather or a specific occasion. They won’t forget about the blouse, which fell into the far corner of the closet, and will remind about it when you buy new jeans and will look for what to wear together with them.

Here’re some of the best mobile apps to help you create your unique image…

  • Cluise

The application is in great demand among users, and it captivates with a thoughtful, most understandable design and ease of use. By using the program you can literally digitize your wardrobe, add to the application everything that you have on all shelves and closets, indicating the necessary information about each item. At the first stage, this will help to remember what’s available in general, to make pleasant discoveries in the form of long-forgotten things and to understand what clothes are almost worn out.

Based on the collected data, the application will advise what to wear, given the weather outside the window and the desired style. In addition, you can collect looks by yourself and share them with other customers. This helps you borrow new solutions, and the application – more accurately select the appropriate style.

Among the features of the program is the ability to check how the desired purchase can be combined with existing clothing. Unnecessary clothes can be sold in the same application. Now the problems regarding what to wear and where to put on already unnecessary items of clothing are easily solved.


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  • Stylicious

This is the only application recommended by Time Magazine and New York Fashion Week for organizing your own wardrobe and style selection. Work with the program begins with the introduction of all items of clothing, shoes and accessories indicating the style, season and other features.

Subsequently, these photos can be combined to create ready-made outfits in seconds, and not waste time trying them on near the mirror. The desired purchase can also be instantly tried on with other items of clothing, so as not to make hasty decisions and not litter your wardrobe.

Thanks to the built-in calendar, you can plan what to wear for an event, as well as note what was on you on a particular day, so as not to be repeated. You can make purchases in the application – a huge assortment of clothes and shoes is presented by the most popular brands.

In addition, you can regularly watch the advice of stylists, be inspired by successful combinations, share images on social networks, plan what to put in a suitcase and much more.

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  • Clamotty

This is one of the most versatile applications with a stylish thoughtful design. It’s enough to conduct a full check once in the wardrobe, take pictures of all items of clothing and enter data on them. As a result, later you can enjoy the speed and convenience of selecting ready-made sets that meet a specific purpose and weather.

Thanks to its own unique blocks – ‘Purpose’, ‘Environment’ and ‘Season’, application tells you what to wear on a specific day. You can independently make outfits, evaluate combinations, organize your wardrobe, plan outfits by using the calendar, photograph barcodes of clothes of interest and compose looks with them. In addition, you can plan what to take on a trip, view news and fashion trends, and share news with friends.

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  • GoodLook

The application forms stylish images not from what the user has in the wardrobe. It offers interesting ideas on the basis of which the decision is made easier on what to wear, what to combine with and for what reason. Every day, the application base is replenished with new images, and thanks to a convenient search system, you can see what designers recommend combining, for example, a green coat, and pick up the appropriate clothing in your wardrobe or purchase new items.

You can add to favorites and buy those clothes that are in the application. Profitable offers and promotions are constantly operating, thus users get a lot of useful tips from stylists and interesting fashion-related articles as a bonus.

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  • LookBook

This is a relatively new application that is rapidly captivating users of smartphones and tablets on Android. First, you need to photograph all the clothes in the wardrobe against a contrasting background, and the built-in tool itself will cut the background outlines.

Now you can combine all the items into stylish looks, immediately see how they fit together and understand what is missing. The problem that you forgot about some good jeans disappears – all the clothing in front of you in a convenient application.

All photos are not stored in the gadget, without loading its memory and allowing you to access your account from any device. By using the calendar in the program, you can plan your outfits for the future and set reminders. Everything is simple and convenient.

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