Facebook Sued Of Using A Look-a-Like Logo

Facebook is trying its luck into the financial services with Calibra. Calibra is a digital wallet for libra cryptocurrency. The application that is made for secure sharing, keeping, moving the digital currency libra is receiving a lot of fire by the people. As reported, the users of facebook were not impressed with the idea of Facebook get involved in financial services and now there’s another bad news for the company.

Apparently, the logo that the company released recently looks very similar to another brand’s logo. The company name Current that is also in financial services sued Facebook for using a logo similar to theirs. 

Photo Credit: The Verge

Current is a financial service provider that let the kids control their debit cards with the help of an application. The company was established in the year 2017 and has recently launched a regular checking account. On using the idea of their logo, Current taunted Facebook on Twitter. They used the pictures of both the logos side by side and captioned it by saying, “This is what happens when you only have one crayon left”.

The logo of the Current consists of a tilde mark enclosed within a circle. The circle has different colors in it and the tilde mark consist of various cuts within it. On the other hand, the logo of Calibra is similar in pattern but different in color. It is also a tilde mark enclosed within a circle but the whole logo consists of just one color that is purple and the mark is devoid of any cuts.