Fake Amazon Alexa Setup App on the iOS App Store

iOS App store is the place where you find the apps that you can install on your iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, etc. Millions of developers keep creating various apps that are useful for many, and the app owners generally make money by displaying ads.

Apple is very strict in approving the apps on the iOS platform. They approve only authentic apps. No fake apps can get to the platform, but recently a few days ago, a fake app “Setup for Amazon Alexa” somehow got into the iOS app store. This is quite overwhelming since Apple claims that they manually approve/disapprove the apps.

The surprising thing is that this fake app was able to fool a lot of iOS users, and climbed to number 60 in the top free apps section. It reached to number 6 in the Utilities section.

After using, many users have submitted reviews saying that they believed that it is an official app from Amazon, but this app didn’t work for them.

Later, this Fake app was taken down by the iOS app store on Thursday night.

The app was developed by “One World Software”, and they are found to be created other similar fake apps as well. Their primary goal is to engage users on the app for as long as they can. So, that they can show them the ads. So, basically, the intention is to make money by showing ads to the users.

Upon installing and opening the app, it asks the users to enter their IP address, and Alexa serial number. Giving such information online can be dangerous, but in this case, it seemed that the developer’s only intention was to keep the users engaged in the app to show ads and make some quick money.

On Wednesday, Amazon announced that it had sold Millions of Alexa powered device, Amazon Echo on this holiday season. It seems someone thought of targeting those Millions of users since they are new users, fooling them will be easier. And, yes, somehow the developer was got success by used by a huge number of users.

However, finally, it was detected and deleted from the iOS app store.

Note from NewDayLive:

When you use such device that you have bought from a reputed company, and it needs to install an app for that, always make sure to look at the developer of the app in the app store. It is written there. You must make sure that the app you are going to install is from the company itself. For example, in the case of Amazon Echo, the app developer must be Amazon.

Beware of such fake apps as they can steal your information and do more harm than you ever think of.

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