Fans Want Selena Gomez And Niall Horan To Date After Recent Meet-up

The 26 years old singer Selena Gomez remains in the headlines pretty often. The rumors of her link-ups with fellow stars are very famous and every then and now fans are linking her name with one person or another whether its Charlie Puth or Cole Sprouse. But this time the reason seems pretty solid as the two Hollywood hotties are apparently spending some quality time with each other.

Niall Horan recently launched a song named “Nice to meet ya” and in order to promote the song, Selena is stepping out and clicking some pictures beside him. A particular picture is getting viral on the internet of Selena and Niall along with their friends. You can see in the picture Niall wrapping her arm around Selena, the picture was posted by one of their friends.

She posted the picture with the caption that reads, “With all of our schedules and travel, we don’t get to see each other as often as maybe we would like, but every time we do get to sit down and share a meal together, it makes me emotional and so happy. and seeing my favorite people embrace my now-husband makes me want to cry. they are really all family.” 

The comments of fans on the picture make it pretty obvious how much they ship these two together. Someone commented that Selena deserves a gentleman like Niall, please make it happen and others also read the same. Selena also posted on her Instagram about Niall’s latest song, “Nice to meet ya”.