FBI takes down dark web dealers across the globe

Recently local police authority told that two Israelis arrested for setting up a dark web website that was dealing with weapons, drugs and stolen credit cards during a joint investigation of FBI and Israel’s cybercrime unit.

The alleged are in their mid 30’s and they were managing a website to sold illegal weapons, drugs and credit card information to anonymous buyers across the globe.

Apart from Israel the FBI also arrested dark web dealers from France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Brazil.

According to FBI, the website was live from several years and transactions worth millions of dollars were already made on the site and these purchases were anonymous and buyers use bitcoins for the transaction.

These two suspects have to appear in front of a Tel Aviv court and it’s the only details we have as the operation is very much secretive.

Last week three Germans were arrested for dealing in illegal drugs on the dark web after two years of the investigation while another person who was acting as a moderator is being held by local police authority in Brazil.

For starters, the dark web is one of the dangerous places on the internet and you might not wanna visit it because you will land in trouble also it’s tough to access the dark part on internet and you need some special skills to do so. So, if you have those special skill set then we recommend you to use it for well being of others and yours not to destroy your life.