Fitness Tips: What Is the Best Training Frequency for Mass Gains?

For a couple of years now, gaining more muscles has been fashionable and one of the hottest trends in the world. Unlike before where only bodybuilders and athletes were concerned with gaining more muscles, every person is becoming a fitness fan today.

If you visit gyms and fitness centers today, you will be surprised to find them full, with the deadlift, barbells, and other muscles-gaining workout sections being the busiest.

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But do you know that you can only achieve your muscle-building dreams when you apply the best training frequency? Let us find out more about this and what the best training frequencies are.

Reasons to Apply Appropriate Training Frequency

No matter how much you train, what determines the success is the frequency of training each muscle and the attention that you give to them. Experts have come up with different training frequencies, as we will see below, to ensure maximum benefits. These frequencies allow all muscles to get the attention they deserve. Some require more training than others over a week or the overall cycle.

Those that are slow to respond can also get more attention during planning. But the best benefit of using the right training frequency is that the muscles are given enough time rest and rejuvenate. Without these, there will be no muscle growth, which is the main goal in this case. So let us dive into the best training frequency for muscle gain.

Two Times a Week for Each Muscle Group

Even before the introduction of steroids like the ones sold by the Steroidsfax website, athletes and bodybuilders made it by thoroughly training each muscle group three times a week. This looks very extreme and many people may not make it.

But today we have steroids, supplements, and well-planned diets that further boost muscle gain and facilitate fat loss. Therefore, fitness lovers can train muscle groups twice a week and still achieve excellent results.

This means splitting the body in half and working on half of the muscles per day. This makes four active days. One out of the remaining three can be dedicated to cardio and rest on the other two days.

One Time a Week for Each Muscle Group

If you want to remain thorough and work on each muscle group once a week, there is this option. This means that you will put more focus on each muscle and get back to it the following week. However, this method is for experienced bodybuilders and athletes as the body can be pushed to the limit.

Beginners are better with the first option, which can yield positive results with or without the use of enhancement gear. With this one, experienced weight lifters can still achieve their goals when they combine their efforts with the appropriate steroids and diet.


We have only given two options when training to increase muscle mass. Each has pros and cons, and it is up to you to choose the one that suits you best. Some research and consultations with experts will be a better idea for both beginners and experienced athletes.

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