Five Things People Are Expecting From Google Home Mini 2

Since its release, Google Home Mini is been in competition with Amazon’s Echo Dot. Every now and then it goes up on sale and Google is trying to sell the product more and more. However, this was not included in the mega shopping day of the year that is the Amazon Prime Day because of the reason that they are in the direct competition with their own products like Amazon has a similar product as Google Home Mini that is called Amazon Echo Dot.

Even though these products are really helpful but there are few things that people would like to change or modify in the product that should not affect the pricing. A better control system in the device to start with, because sometimes it gets really hard to operate the device.


Another thing would be stereo pairing because people out there really love the idea of pairing the smart speaker with your gadgets that just works wonder for us. And the notable thing is that the biggest competition of Google Home Mini 2 that is Amazon’s Echo dot already have this feature that the consumer really love.

Apart from this the users really expect audio output which is an existing feature in the Amazon’s Echo Dot. According to people, it should definitely have a 3.5 mm audio output as well as they also expect a wall mount for the device to accommodate its mobility. And the last feature that we want to see in Google Home Mini 2 is splash resistance because the device comes with literally no water resistance.