Free Your toes – With National No Socks day!

Want to free your toes from the confinement that they have been suffering? Why not free them right away, and let them stay as they were actually intended to be by the nature? Yes, we are talking about the National No Socks Day that falls today. Wondering what is No Socks Day? Well, let us check it out here..

No Socks day

National No Socks Day – What does it Signify?

Well, the national No Socks day is celebrated every year on this day – the May 8th. Brough ahead by Ruth & Thomas Roy from, the event is all about freeing your feet from the shackles of the socks, shoes, boots or whatever you have been packing them in and feel the fresh air on your toes and feet.

The event has now been included in the Calendar Event List by Chase. In fact, the day has been propagated as a mean of letting your feet feel free. So, what are you waiting for? Immerse yourself in the joy of the No Socks Day and let your feel fly over the grass, rocks, stones and whatever you are comfortable about.

How should you celebrate National No Socks Day?

Well, that should be quite simple and easy. Just move around the world with your feet not bound from anything that the world has taught you so far. Set them completely free and feel the nature as our ancestors did. Move around what the nature presents you and feel it with your feet without having to worry about anything between your feet and the ground below. Move around your home without the shoes and socks and experience the feeling of carpets or the ground beneath.
If you really love the experience of being one with the nature and freeing your feet and toes from anything artificial, share your feelings, thoughts and experiences with the world around through your social media profiles. Share your thoughts with those interested with the hashtag #NationalNoSocksDay and spread the awareness about the day.

So, what are you waiting for?

No Socks Day
The National No Socks Day is all about being ONE with the nature and that is exactly what you would love the most. Create a community of the like-minded friends and make the best out of the day. Move towards a community of the No Socks Users because that is exactly what the nature has always wanted us to be. Make it a popular day in your region and that would be the best option you would want to go with.

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